Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It's hard to believe that our little man is already two months old! I feel like time is just flying by and although I eagerly anticipate finding out who Henry will become and getting to know his personality, I can't help but mourn the fact that we have a full fledged baby now - not a little mushy newborn.

HJ continues to be an incredibly happy, relaxed and easygoing baby. He is smiling more and more everyday although it is virtually impossible for me to get a picture of it on our camera. As soon as the camera comes out the eyes totally get big and focus on the camera but the smile is replaced with a very serious look. I have had better luck with the camera phone, which leads me to believe part of the problem is that our little point and shoot camera has a black and white design on the front that I think has a mesmerizing affect on HJ. He is totally into STARING at toys especially his black and white ones that we hang from his baby gym. He smiles, coos and shrieks at them however, but not the camera, so who really knows?

He is also strong strong strong. He holds his head up and turns it from one side to another when he is looking at something and can push himself up on his arms when he is on his tummy. He has also begun to twist himself onto his side when the is in his co-sleeper and not swaddled or on is changing table. Thank goodness for the velcro swaddle blankets or I feel like our little wiggle worm would never sleep. I 100% credit that blanket for the awesome sleeper that Henry is. He still typically wakes up once in the night but a couple of times has slept right through until 6 or 7 in the morning. Our pediatrician said that at 2 months most babies typically only sleep about 4 hours at a time so we are way ahead of the game and for that I am eternally grateful. This mommy does best when she is well rested! His other new fave activity is peek -a boo. Just any old blanket will do, but my aunt gave us a little book with a kitty puppet that plays peek - a - boo with Henry and he LOVES it. It really is potentially the cutest thing ever, but then again I'm sure I'm biased...

Monday was a big day around here because we had our two month visit from the social worker and his two month visit with the doctor. We had not originally scheduled them on the same day, but the social worker was ill on the day she was supposed to come and this ended up working out great since DH had taken the day off for the SW visit and could then accompany us to the doctor as well.

Social worker visit went marvelously of course. She just had to go over some basic info about his adjustment, our finances etc, and a health and safety inspection of the house. By now we are used to this part of it and of course enjoy having her tell us how adorable Henry is! Sometimes people ask if that feels intrusive to us but honestly the answer to that is no. Sometimes I think about how much I love my boy and what a special baby he is, and then I imagine that somehow that stars had not aligned for us and he had gone to another family. Wouldn't I want his home to be inspected to be clean and safe, and his adoptive family deemed stable and secure? The answer to that is a resounding yes so I look at it as part of the privilege of being able to parent this incredible little person.

As we suspected Henry is super healthy and growing at a good clip! He weighs 13lbs and 5 oz!!!! and is 22.5 inches! Needless to say our boy has some chub on him. I WISH I COULD POST PHOTOS SO BAD!!! The doctor seemed thrilled with this however and said it is normal and healthy for babies to have all those rolls, and of course nothing could be cuter!!!

He also had his first round of shots. Nothing prepared us for this. We thought he would cry when he actually got the shot, but no that came later in the evening when for the first time ever he SCREAMED inconsolably for what seemed like an eternity, probably more like two hours until we finally got it together enough to get the drug store and give him some baby Tylenol. This did the trick right away and he slept for a good 7 hours, woke up ate and slept another 5. Then woke up happy as a clam and all smiles. At least next time we will hopefully be more prepared for this possibility and FOR SURE the next time the doctor says "you might need to give him a little Tylenol...", we will make sure that we have some on hand!

That's about all the news around here. I am reading an excellent book called Nurture Shock, recommended to me a while back by my friend Jennifer that I would also highly recommend to anyone interested in children, teaching or parenting. I really only get about a chapter a day read, and I'm not really sure where our days go, because most days HJ and I are happily just kicking around home. Between playing, bathing, a little book time, a little singing and of course lots of naps when mommy does laundry and dishes and house tidying, somehow before I know it the phone rings and it is Daddy saying that he is coming home! I feel so lucky every single day when I wake up with my sweet sweet boy next to me, all smiles as I release him from his baby straight jacket, I mean swaddle blanket. I'm sure some day I will be happy to go back to the work of teaching, something that I loved to do for so many years, but for now I couldn't be happier to be in our cozy little house that finally feels like home now that baby Henry is here at last. Boy was he ever worth the wait!