Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long Overdue Update -- 3 1/2 Months!

What an amazing month and half it has been! As DH put it - pretty much the best summer of our lives! Henry J continues to be the light of our life. Each day I feel more connected to him and completely convinced that he was meant to be our little boy.

He is getting big! Probably 15lbs at least and has a full head of curly hair. Good thing it is curly because I think if it were straight he would have a thick chin length bob by now! I have been experimenting with different hair care regimens for him and just ordered some new "curly Q" products for him that I am looking forward to using. Probably some day he will strong opinions about how he wants his hair to be, so for now I am enjoying having unlimited access to his gorgeous thick curly hair.

HJ continues to be the easiest of babies and is now routinely sleeping through the night. On the best days he sleeps from about 9 to 8 sometimes he will wake up hungry around 5:30 or 6:00 but then typically goes back to sleep until about 8 so I am certainly not complaining. He loves going new places and seeing new things and is a very flexible baby. He has a basic schedule that he typically will follow, but he is (so far) one of those rare children that can easily compensate for a shortened or disrupted nap with a longer one later or more sleep at night. I'm not sure how long this will last and it is very ironic since I have spent much of my career preaching the gospel of how critical it is to STICK to a routine and the importance of napping etc! All I know is that he is one happy happy little guy. So smiley now all the time and loves his floor gym, his bumbo seat, sitting in his highchair with toys, his swing or even just hanging out in his crib or on the floor. Of course his #1 favorite thing is to snuggle with mommy and daddy - or maybe I should say that is our #1 favorite thing!

Last week Henry took his first plane ride to Michigan to visit his Grandmama and Grandpapa. Not surprisingly he was a dream both ways on the plane, quietly looking around and napping not even a bit of fussing. He was also very good in the car on the way to and from the Detroit Airport (about a 90 minute ride) He did have one of his very rare bouts of crying on the way home from the Philly airport when we were stuck in awful traffic. I think he was overtired and just couldn't get to sleep. Finally when I couldn't take it anymore I climbed over the seat to give him his pacifier and pat his head a little and then he finally dropped off to sleep. DH and I have been very spoiled by the fact that HJ NEVER cries and so when he does we are both absolutely beside ourselves!

We had a great time in Michigan where the weather was beautiful so Henry got to do his favorite thing which is sit outside and watch the trees and feel the breezes. He is definitely and outdoor baby and is so happy and at peace when he outside. He also accomplished another milestone in Michigan -- He rolled over!! He did this many many time while we were there. In fact the minute we would put him on his tummy - whoosh over he would go easy as pie and you could tell he was so proud of himself - all smiles. Unfortunately since we have been home HE WILL NOT DO IT!!! This is an extremely frustrating to me and I'm not sure what to make of it. The only thing I can think of is that my parents had a little play mat for him that had a section of a plastic ocean scene on that he liked to do his "tummy time" on. Maybe that gave him better traction somehow? I am thinking I need to seek out some kind of rubber mat for him and see if that helps. Or it could be that he only performs for his Grandparents since yesterday his Grandma H was over and she was playing with him with this adorable little doll that is "Peter" from the book "The Snow Day" (one of my faves) and he laughed out loud clear as a bell and then proceeded to do it a couple of more times. Such a delicious sound! Well lo and behold guess who will not laugh again? What can I say I guess our HJ loves his grandparents!

So much more that I could write but this post is already ridiculously long so I will write more later and update more often. It looks like HJ and I have some hope now of settling into a routine what with no vacations or visitors in the near future so perhaps that will lend itself to a little more blogging!

I realized that this is the first fall since I was 4 years old that I won't be starting some sort of school either as a student or as a teacher. It feels a little strange but honestly I am loving every second of being home with our little man and am more than willing to make whatever sacrifices necessary to make it happen this year. Since I was a little girl I have know I wanted to be a mom and this has remained true for me throughout my life. I put it off for awhile because I wanted to be the best mom I could be. Then when it was not happening for us the "old fashioned" way I thought how can this be? I was MEANT to be a mom! Then when all the technology and science couldn't help us I really despaired that maybe I wasn't really meant to have children. But now I know the truth - I was MEANT to be Henry's mom and although it was a rocky path to get here it all makes so much sense to me now.