Monday, October 11, 2010

Apples & Pumpkins

There is something very cozy to me about the idea of autumn. It's funny because I'm really no fan of winter, but fall has always been my favorite. Thinking about the halloween activities and prep at Oak Lane gave me the first pang of regret about not being at a school right now that I have had since I walked out the door last May and picked up our little pumpkin from the hospital. This was quickly forgotten however as I began to get excited about our own halloween prep this year!

DH and I have always enjoyed going apple picking and have gone pretty much every year since we have had a car. I remember the first year we had our car and were still in Hoboken, we drove to a crazy orchard in Bergen County. It was crowded and hot and we literally waited in line for hours to be able to pick those apples but we did it! Since our move to Philly we have found a lovely little orchard that we go to every year.

The last couple of years each time we went we found ourselves hoping that the following year we would be bringing our baby with us next year. We would look longingly at those couples who were propping up their babies amongst the pumpkins for photos. When we were putting together our photos for our adoption profile to be shown to expectant mothers considering making an adoption plan, we of course had a picture of us apple picking. DH and I argued however whether it was something we should mention as one of our "pastimes" in our introductory letter. DH ( the professional writer) said that it was important to give specific examples of what we like to do to paint a more viivid picture of ourselves. I argued we shouldn't use something that we only do once a year as an example, but in the end deferred to the professional writer!

Well anyhow when we met "T" Henry's birthmom, she specifically mentioned that the apple picking was one thing that she really loved about our profile. Score one for DH! But for this reason, this annual ritual has taken on even greater importance to me. "T" loved Henry so much that she wanted him to live a life of apple picking and pumpkin patches in the autumn, a life that she knew she was not capable of giving him. So this was on my mind as we had the most glorious time at the orchard on Sunday.

The weather was perfect and Henry J LOVED every second of it. He was thrilled by the tractor ride and loved weaving in and out of the trees while he rode with his Daddy in the front carrier, reaching out and touching all the apples and the leaves. He was of course good as gold the whole time, happy and peaceful and interested, never a moment of fussing, and of course he received lots of compliments on both his behavior and his overall adorableness from other orchard dwellers! I took some amazing photos of him (which sadly I can't post here) but I can hardly wait to pick out one or two to include in the next packet of pictures I send off to "T" so that she can see that our sweet boy is indeed having the life full of apples and pumpkins that she dreamed of for him.