Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Not much time to post here. Grandmama, Grandpapa & Uncle E are all arriving in a few short hours and the to do list remains quite long. But I couldn't let the occasion pass without taking a moment to write about how thankful I am this year. The list of things I am thankful for is too long to write out here, but in particular I am thinking of Henry J's birthmom and hoping that her Thanksgiving is as filled with joy and love as I know ours will be. We are so so grateful for our little man.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Six Months Old!

I can scarcely believe that our little man has already made it halfway around the sun. I swear it seems like just yesterday that I was sitting on our deck getting the news of our match. Six months is a big deal around our house because it means that we are officially eligible for finalization. We had our last post-placement visit with the social worker and now we are just awaiting the news of a court date from our lawyer! We are super excited to make this relationship which has been sealed in our hearts for a long time legal and official. It also means we will finally be able to post photos of our gorgeous boy, another bonus.

I was recently thinking about how important it was to us to have that piece of paper that made us legally Henry's parents and it really hit home for me that it must be a similar feeling to what all of our gay friends who are not allowed to be legally married must feel like. Yes they are totally committed to each other for life, but at the same time I now really understand how important it it is to feel like you want to have all those rights made legal. Right now if Henry had an accident and needed to got to the ER our first call of course would be an ambulance but then we would have to make a call to our Agency the next call, because right now we are not the legal guardians of our our son. I would imagine that this is very similar to what it feels like to know that you might not be considered the next of kin to your spouse in an emergency situation. I have of course always been a strong supporter of gay marriage, but going through this process of adoption has opened my eyes even more to the importance of having that legal document. I know that in the not so distant past we would have been denied that all important document based solely on the different hues of our skin. I can only hope that if someday Henry comes across this post as an adult he can be just as incredulous that at one time two people who loved each other were denied the same rights as others just because of their sex/gender.

In Henry news he is now able to roll both ways! Front to back he did way back in August but the back to front roll had remained elusive. For a long time now he was almost able to do it but finally, right on his six month birthday he went all the way over! He has started to be able to sit up for longer and longer intervals ( like 2 minutes - instead of 2 seconds!) without falling over and drum roll please...... He has had his first bites of food!! We started with the rice cereal which he was not super crazy about but did enjoy FINALLY getting to see what this eating thing was all about and was eager to have the spoon in his mouth even if he didn't so much like what was on it. We also tried avocado which was much preferred, so perhaps today we will have to go in search of another one to eat at dinner today! It is fun now to have him sit in his highchair with us at dinner as we all eat around the table, something I have dreamt about for a long time and sometimes I still have to pinch myself to believe it's really happening for us.

I have included some photos from Halloween ( I know but better late than never) which was terrifically fun. Unfortunately Henry was fighting his first cold at the time, but luckily it didn't interfere too much with his day! We got to share it with Henry's BFF who's mommy and daddy adopted him through our agency one week after Henry! We have been getting together since the boys were tiny and it is so much fun now that it is clear that their distinct personalities are starting to emerge. I really hope they are lifelong friends!

In other exciting adoption news our dear friends who have been waiting for their baby to find them through adoption, took home their beautiful little baby girl yesterday. I think that this in conjunction with Henry being six months old already, is making me extra nostalgic today. When I look at our active, laughing boy, desperate to touch and explore everything he can get his hands on it's hard to believe he was ever just a smooshy little newborn baby. I am so thrilled for our friends who will now get to experience first hand how truly wonderful adoption is.